The main advantages of PTP packaging for the hotte

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The main advantages of PTP packaging for tablets and capsules

single dose packaging. After taking out one tablet (tablet), other drugs are still packaged completely, with the function of single sealing

the contents of the package can be viewed for verification

light package and convenient transportation

so far, the molding material of PTP packaging is mainly PVC hard sheet. PVC hard sheet is easy to form, with good transparency, but poor barrier to water vapor. For this reason, PP and pet hard films are now available. At the same time, there are pvc/pvdc, pvc/cfe (C gives full play to its advantages fe-pct), pvc/pe/pvdc and other composite hard films that can retain the advantages of PVC hard films and overcome their shortcomings

pvdc and CFE have excellent gas barrier, with a thickness of 250 μ The moisture permeability of PVC hard sheet of M is 2.5g/m? 2·24h。 Compound a layer 30 μ After PVDC of M, its moisture permeability can be reduced to 0.3g/m? 2·24h。 As a single dose blister package, the other side is aluminum foil for drug packaging (commonly known as "PTP" aluminum foil). As the main material, metal aluminum should be completely isolated from light and gas. It is generally believed that the thicker the aluminum foil is, the smaller the pinholes will be. 2. Prevent the intrusion of high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media, water and other instruments. Blister packaging is generally put into cartons. The function of cartons: 1 Protection; 2. Printing; 3. Light blocking

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