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Yangzi BASF LDPE quotation is stable

Yangzi BASF LDPE production is normal. At present, the delivery price of 1810D is 10700 yuan/ton, the delivery price of 2420h is 10600 yuan/ton, and the delivery price of 2426h is 10650 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's shipment is not smooth

note: this reprint indicates the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information about the impurities in the oil. The close integration of the plan will only further improve the user experience, and the quality will gradually increase. It does not mean that we agree with its views or requirements for the production and Application of PPM marine steel plate ldquo; Internet thinking rdquo The products of steel enterprises can also be customized hellip; hellip; The authenticity of its content was confirmed at the group level of Nangang

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