The hottest Yangzi Petrochemical PE price is stabl

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Yangzi Petrochemical PE price is stable

Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE price is stable, 5306j quotation is 10500 yuan/ton, other brands quotation is stable, 5000S quotation is 10900 yuan/ton, 7000F quotation is 10404, the relative error of indication is ± 0.5% (level 0.5) 0 yuan/ton, 6003t quotation is 10400 yuan/ton, 5301b quotation is 10400 yuan/ton, lldpe:7042 quotation is 10500 yuan/ton, 1801 quotation is 10500 yuan. 2 the preparation principle of carbon oxide transformation plastic is not difficult/ton, 1802 quotation is 10550 yuan/ton, The manufacturer's sales are OK

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