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On March 1, technicians from Yangzi Petrochemical's ethylene, ethylene glycol, circulating water and other workshops came to Yangzi Petrochemical to complete a buyout project in Russia; At the maintenance site of Nannen unit, I made a special trip to learn the experience of butadiene environmental protection maintenance. Since the unit was emptied and replaced in February, Yangzi butadiene workshop has always adhered to the concept of "zero emission", ensuring zero emission and pollution-free maintenance

in order to ensure the safe and environmental discharge of waste water, waste residue and waste gas during the shutdown and overhaul of the unit, Yangzi butadiene has formulated an effective emptying and replacement scheme according to the process flow and the characteristics of the unit, and strictly carried out preventive measures. As early as before the shutdown of the unit, the workshop has strengthened the safety and environmental protection awareness of post personnel and external construction personnel through HSE deputy shift learning and safety training. The technicians worked out a detailed shutdown and emptying replacement plan together with the workshop team leader to "Customize" the replacement method for each tower and tank, strictly control the emptying and replacement progress of each tower, tank equipment and pipeline, and even refine the closing time of each valve

during the shutdown, the workshop transferred a shift leader and four process leaders from the team to form the most powerful emptying and replacement group, and strictly controlled the discharge of three wastes during the shutdown and washing process. DSC and YBB methods confirmed that this batch of polypropylene bottles were mixed with recycled materials, and all primary wastewater was recycled, and the materials with oil and dirt on the remaining toothed rod of the on-site pipeline or the upper limit plate of the toothed rod was pressed too tightly were connected in barrels, Completely put an end to the phenomenon of disorderly discharge, and take samples of secondary wastewater all day to ensure that no drop of sewage exceeding the standard is discharged

after the unit is shut down, the post personnel shall fully boil and replace each tower, tank and pipeline in strict accordance with the requirements of defect elimination and environmental protection. All process materials shall be pressed backward along the process as far as possible, and the pressure vessels that are not repaired temporarily shall be introduced, so as not to be discharged to the oil well as far as possible; Part of the sewage produced in the emptying and replacement is discharged to the oily water well, and part is sealed and discharged to the purification device by the specially laid waste water delivery pipeline; Each sewage discharge point is tested at a fixed point to confirm the discharge of "three wastes", which is under the unified control of the plant headquarters, and the on-site operation is in good order

the workshop also set up a law enforcement team to strengthen the law enforcement and inspection of safety and environmental protection, and strictly control the discharge of "three wastes", which not only eliminates the disorderly discharge during the defect elimination of the device, better protects the working environment, is conducive to the physical and mental health of maintenance and construction personnel, but also improves the recovery rate of materials, and eliminates defects without reducing benefits

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