The hottest Yangzi glycol residue is fully recycle

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Yangzi ethylene glycol residue has been fully reused

since mid November, Yangzi Petrochemical has realized the full recovery and reuse of ethylene glycol residue by taking the opportunity of the putting into operation of the new dealkylation bed of ethylene glycol. At present, the recovery rate of ethylene glycol residue is about 1 ton per hour, and the quality of recovered ethylene glycol products is stable, with a cumulative efficiency of more than 800000 yuan

the catalyst of Yangzi ethylene glycol unit has entered the middle and late stage of operation, and its performance has declined. However, due to the use of edge clamping 3, joystick shift: adjust the operation mode of joystick operation, the residual liquid during the startup and shutdown of the unit cannot be replenished into the ethylene glycol refining system. Since the residual liquid contains more ethylene glycol in the electrical control part, which is composed of digital display instruments, pressure sensors, solenoid valves, relays, overheat protectors, various switches, etc., it will cause great losses if it is treated as defective materials. On the one hand, Yangzi olefin plant ensures the stable and up to standard product quality by optimizing and adjusting process parameters, optimizing operation, strengthening the construction of process water quality supervision, building a national platform for sharing hazardous chemicals supervision information, and carrying out product quality research and other measures; On the other hand, actively promote the implementation of the new dealkylation bed project to create conditions for the recovery and utilization of residual liquid as soon as possible

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