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Yangzi Petrochemical 650000 ton ethylene transformation project has been fully completed. The new ethylene plant of Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has recently realized the intermediate handover between the construction unit and the production plant when the machine is in standby state, marking that the exhibition will focus on showing a batch of basic, strategic and cutting-edge advanced materials. The 650000 ton ethylene transformation project of Yangzi Petrochemical with a total investment of 4.352 billion yuan has been fully completed

this transformation project of Yangzi Petrochemical is a key technological transformation project listed in the first batch of national financial interest discount special loans. After the completion of the transformation, the annual production and processing capacity of Yangzi Petrochemical will increase significantly. Ethylene expanded from 400000 tons to 650000 tons, polyethylene and polypropylene from 200000 tons to 400000 tons, butadiene from 100000 tons to 200000 tons, and gasoline hydrogenation from 300000 tons to 500000 tons. All the projects of this transformation are carried out in the original plant area of Yangzi Petrochemical, which fully relies on the advantages of existing devices, without adding new land, personnel, living facilities, and the increased transportation volume and utility consumption are mainly solved by existing facilities

this transformation determines the products based on the market and the technology based on the products. Polyethylene production line mainly produces high-strength film materials, large and medium-sized hollow container materials, wire and cable materials and other special materials; The new polypropylene production line mainly produces biaxial tensile films, special materials for washing machines, impact copolymers and other special materials. The production of these two production lines will greatly alleviate China's long-term import situation of plastic special materials, improve the market share of domestic special materials, and alleviate the contradiction between market supply and demand. It will not only become a new economic growth point of Yangzi Petrochemical, but also drive the development of relevant industries in Nanjing and surrounding areas

the transformation adopts high and new technology, reaching the world advanced level at the end of last century. In the ethylene transformation, large and efficient cracking furnace, advanced quench oil viscosity control system, high-efficiency heat exchanger, separator, advanced binary refrigeration and CD catalytic distillation and other high-tech were selected, which greatly reduced the energy and material consumption of the ethylene plant after the transformation of Huafeng spandex. Typical examples are tuna and pet food. In terms of polyethylene and polypropylene technology, advanced, mature and reliable technology is adopted, with short investment process and low operation cost. The reduction of production costs will significantly improve the market competitiveness of Yangzi Petrochemical products

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