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Yangzi Petrochemical realizes ethylene chromatographic analysis

recently, Yangzi Petrochemical plastic plant has overcome the technical difficulties of chromatography, and its second polyethylene unit has successfully produced dgda-6098 new products, which are almost blank in most places. At present, the analyzer of the device operates stably

it is understood that the product of this brand has complex process, strong dependence on chromatographic real-time analysis and strict conditions, which restricts its development. Therefore, technicians have done a lot of detailed detection and commissioning work according to the parameter requirements, and used the standard gas containing trace CO in pure nitrogen for qualitative and quantitative detection. 5. Test the experimental steps to eliminate all kinds of interference. At the same time, they also adjusted the ratio of hydrogen, nitrogen, air and automatic ignition settings, and timely eliminated the fault points. With the advance of the process of driving gracels and the increase of raw materials, the technicians readjusted the proportion. Radial extensometer: used to detect the radial shrinkage deformation modification program of the standard specimen, so that the chromatograph realized safe and stable operation and ensured the output and quality of new products

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