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Yangzi Petrochemical olefin plant achieved a good start in the fourth quarter

since October, each set of chemical plants in Yangzi Petrochemical olefin plant has always maintained a high load and stable production situation. Ethylene, propylene, butadiene, ethylene glycol, ethylene oxide, C5 and other main and by-products have exceeded the monthly plan indicators, of which the maximum daily output of ethylene has reached 2299 tons, achieving a good start in the fourth quarter

the thin plastic tube olefin plant seized the favorable opportunity of the post holiday market recovery, adjusted the production arrangement in time, temporarily postponed the defect elimination plan of 2# gasoline hydrogenation unit and the furnace switching plan of ethylene new area, and worked hard to maintain the high load production of the unit. In order to avoid the problem of high differential pressure of some enterprises using substandard products for vicious low price competition, the olefin plant strengthened technical research, optimized process operation, and worked hard to ensure the stable operation of the gasoline fractionator of 1# ethylene unit. The ethylene workshop arranges special personnel to detect the operation status of the gasoline fractionator and accumulate data for the optimization and adjustment of the tower. For the gasoline hydrogenation unit that suspended the elimination of defects, the plant increased the water cut-off and water cut-off frequency of the unit, reasonably increased the analysis frequency of products, and effectively ensured the high quality and qualification of hydrogenated gasoline and C5 products. On October 28, the olefin plant cut out and eliminated the defects of No. 500 system of ethylene glycol unit, cleaned and overhauled the vacuum pump and related heat exchanger of the system, and successfully solved the bottleneck problem restricting the load of the unit. In order to ensure the high load production of the three butadiene units, the olefin plant strengthened the inspection and special protection of the compressor, closely monitored the oil leakage of the compressor, and ensured the safe operation of the compressor. At the same time, the olefin plant takes the "straight-line system" as the starting point, takes the improvement of operation skills as the basis, and takes the improvement of the operating environment as the condition, and pays close attention to the on-site basic management to ensure the strong market demand for the power battery of the unit. In fact, as long as we pay attention to the following points, we can move to stable high load production, eliminate unplanned shutdown, and make every effort to ensure the high load and stable production of the unit

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