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Yangzi Petrochemical accelerates the launch of new plastic products

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core tip: in 2019, Yangzi Petrochemical successfully developed silane crosslinked polyethylene pipe special materials, metallocene polyethylene heavy packaging film materials, automobile lightweight polypropylene special materials New plastic products of 7 brands, such as hydrogen regulated high flow and high impact polypropylene, have achieved good results in benefiting from the upsurge of high-speed rail investment

recently, Yangzi Petrochemical successfully developed a new hydrogen regulated high flow and high impact polypropylene product, which is difficult to produce. The important effect of this new product is to stop the continuous swing of the pendulum as soon as possible after the end of one right impact test, and the swing performance is greatly improved. Customers can use this product to produce more beautiful and beautiful plastic products, which is favored by customers

in order to strengthen research and development, Yangzi Petrochemical has implemented the reform of the system and mechanism of production, marketing and research of new plastic products, and improved the development process of new plastic products. The company has set up a new product market development section in the plastic factory to concentrate the production and sales of new plastic products in the plastic factory, which is responsible for the market research, promotion and sales of new products. This reform has accelerated the development and listing of new plastic products and significantly improved customer satisfaction

"after the reform of the system and mechanism, the management process is shortened, the market information is quickly fed back to the manufacturer, the production plan can be adjusted in time, and the speed of new plastic products entering the market is greatly accelerated!" Da Wenzhong, chief of the new product market development section of Yangzi Petrochemical plastic factory, introduced to the

at the same time, Yangzi Petrochemical established a new product production, marketing and research leading group headed by the company's leaders to review the annual development and market promotion plan of new products, and coordinate and solve the main contradictions and major problems affecting production, marketing and research in a timely manner; A production, marketing, research and application project team with the plastic factory as the main body was established to be responsible for the whole process management of new product development, which enhanced the connection and cooperation between R & D and production, production and sales, and effectively improved market satisfaction

in 2019, Yangzi Petrochemical successfully developed seven brand new plastic products, including silane crosslinked polyethylene pipe special material, metallocene polyethylene heavy packaging film material, automobile lightweight polypropylene special material, hydrogen modified high flow high impact polypropylene, and achieved good results. Among them, metallocene polyethylene product is a new product developed by Yangzi Petrochemical completely relying on independent research and development technology. Its successful production has achieved significant progress in the field of metallocene film products, and plays an industry demonstration role

non professionals should not easily operate and debug the equipment. Once the machine produces abnormal conditions

at the same time, in view of the current situation that the market demand for type a chlorinated polyethylene is relatively saturated, Yangzi Petrochemical has strengthened technical research, steadily improved the quality of type B and type C chlorinated polyethylene products, and achieved stable mass production. Yangzi Petrochemical has further improved the product quality of special materials for polypropylene pipe materials and won customers' favor by adjusting process and technical indicators and adopting new catalysts

from January to December 2019, the output of new plastic products and special materials of Yangzi Petrochemical was 629800 tons, exceeding the annual plan by 6.9%, and the proportion of special materials for new products reached 64.36%, the best level in the same period in history, and the annual production task of special materials for new products assigned by the group company was completed in advance

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