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Technical points of crane track installation, inspection and setting out

the installation of crane track plays a vital role in whether the crane is in good operation. Therefore, the crane rail must be installed in strict accordance with the relevant standards

the common fault in crane operation is the crane gnawing the rail, that is, the crane wheel flange has serious friction with the rail side, causing the wheel flange to wear and deform quickly, and at the same time, the side of the rail head is also worn, which can lead to its scrapping in serious cases. There are many reasons for crane rail gnawing, and the poor quality of track laying is one of the important reasons that directly affect crane rail gnawing

the quality of track beam is the basis to ensure the quality of track installation. The installation datum line of general track is the datum line of crane beam. Before the installation of the track, the track beam must be carefully checked, and the reference line of the track beam must be set out while checking. This work can be measured with theodolite: measure a point every m, and measure a point at each column, so as to set out the reference center line of track beam and track alignment reference line. The distance between the two lines depends on the track specification used. In addition, use a level to measure the levelness of the crane beam, and measure a point at each column

the quality of crane beam shall comply with the provisions of code for construction and acceptance of reinforced concrete engineering gbjio 83. In addition, attention should be paid to during the inspection:

a blow molding machine with good performance shows good market adaptability in the process of film production (1) during the inspection of the track beam, it must be ensured that the position deviation of the reserved bolt hole along the transverse and longitudinal directions of the beam is less than or equal to 5mm, and the displacement tolerance of the reserved hole to the two central lines is 5mm. However, the diameter of the bolt hole should be mm larger than the bolt diameter

(2) the deviation of the relative elevation of the upper plane of the two track beams shall not be greater than 10mm at the column, and the portal structure at other places shall adapt to relatively large tension and shall not be greater than 15mm

(3) the deviation of the beam centerline position from the design positioning axis shall not be greater than 5mm. The dimension of the column edge of the reference centerline of each track beam must comply with the following provisions:

(4) the levelness of the top surface of the track beam within the 400mm wide range at the bolt is less than or equal to 2mm; The elevation difference of the top surface of each bolt in any 6111 length of the beam is less than or equal to 3mm; The elevation difference of the top surface of each bolt along the whole length of the workshop is less than or equal to 5mm; And check whether the reserved hole is skewed or blocked

(5) concrete grouting layer between concrete track beam and track (or the leveling layer should comply with the design regulations. 2. According to the type of stress cycle, it can be divided into: constant amplitude fatigue test, frequency conversion fatigue test, program fatigue test, random fatigue test, etc.; the top surface of the track beam should be washed clean before pouring.

after the track beam inspection and setting out work is completed, the machined parts, especially the length of the thread, should be proposed according to the actual situation of the track beam inspection, and it should be carefully verified/so as not to affect the installation quality and project progress 。

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